R. Dione Foto | About
I'm a daddy's girl and my father's "namesake" sharing his initials R.D.F. Having been a professional photographer/videographer himself for many years, the name just seemed a perfect fit!

R. - For Rhonisha
Dione - My middle name
Foto - Spelled with an "F" for Franklin


In 2007 I picked up my first Nikon digital SLR camera and I've found it hard to put down ever since #MyCameraIsMyNecklace! I'm definitely a "Nik Chick"!

Since then, I have had the honor of studying under the instruction of phenomenal photographers across the US and beyond. From Washington, DC to New York City from California to Austrailia, they have each taught me invaluable lessons that have helped me to discover my own unique style and expression in my craft.

~ R. Dione

Above image by: Skye Media Photography